Frequently Asked Questions

2018 CSA FAQs

Many of your questions will likely be answered on our policy page, so please read through that first. These questions provide additional information about the Viva Farms CSA program. If the answer to your question is not on either of these pages, please send an email to: and we will be happy to assist you.

Do I need to make a commitment for the entire 14-week season? Yes. We depend on our members to purchase our produce weekly. We plan, plant, and harvest for a specific number of members each week. As a small farm, we cannot accommodate fluctuations in the weekly numbers of boxes that we deliver. Plus, experiencing what the farm has to offer for the entire 14-week season is part of the fun! If you are unsure that CSA is right for you, please read more about the Viva Farms CSA program on our website before you join. We split a typical 28-week CSA season into two 14-week seasons to allow customers some flexibility. We also encourage members to share the box with friends they are concerned about receiving too much produce each week. See our Policy Page for details on sharing boxes. 

Can I work/volunteer at the farm? Yes! As a non-profit organization, we rely on volunteers to help our small staff get the job done. Find volunteer opportunities here.

Can I cancel my membership? Members are free to cancel or transfer their membership for any reason at any time. However, we are unable to offer refunds for any portion of your payment. As a small farm, we rely on our CSA members’ financial commitment for the entire 14-weeks. Please read our policies carefully before you join and ask any questions not addressed there or in the FAQs. If you are fully informed about what being a CSA member is all about, we believe that you will be extremely happy with your decision to join us. If you become unhappy for any reason, please give us the opportunity to correct the issue. Please contact us via email or telephone to discuss any issue as soon as it arises. Unfortunately, we are not available to discuss your concerns at delivery.

Is there any sort of deadline during the week for placing orders, canceling orders, placing boxes on hold, etc.? Yes! The deadline for any sort of box order, hold, transfer or add-on orders is midnight on Sunday prior to the following Wednesday scheduled pick-up. This is set in place to give us time to plan for the orders, harvest, etc. 

What if I am going on vacation or otherwise cannot pick up my box? We would prefer if you found a friend or family member to pick-up the box for you. This is a great way to introduce new people to our program, and a chance for you to share some beautiful, local produce with them. You may also log into your account and choose to have that week’s delivery donated. Donations must be completed by the member in their account by midnight on Sunday for the following week. Finally, you can opt to receive two boxes one week to make up for the week you will mis. No refunds or credits can be given.

I forgot to pick up my box during my scheduled pickup time! Now what? It is the responsibility of the CSA members to pick up their box during the designated time. If a member is unable to do so, it is the member’s responsibility to entitle a friend to do so. There is no need to contact us, but please give your friend instructions on pick-up procedures. If a box is not picked up on the designated day, during the designated time frame, the box will be donated to the pick-up location. However, please contact us as soon as you know you will not be able to pick up your box, and we will do our best to accommodate your situation. Depending on the pick up location, it may be possible to save your box until a later time. That said, we do not guarantee that we will hold your box beyond the designated pick-up time. Please consider the pick-up times firm. 

I receive SNAP benefits. How do I sign up for the CSA? According to the SNAP regulations, you cannot use your EBT card online. Therefore, please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the sign-up process:, (360) 969-7191 x 3. You will choose your box size and pick up location, and then we will arrange payment. As long as you are enrolled in SNAP, you do not have to provide any other information except your name and contact information. 

How does payment work with my SNAP benefits? When you buy two boxes with your SNAP benefits, you get two boxes for free. So, you will pay for two boxes with your EBT card, and then get the next two boxes free. For example, if you are buying the small box, you will pay $40 and then get a box every week for 4 weeks. 

Please feel free to reach out with further questions.