Summer CSA 2019

Store Summer CSA 2019

The 14-week Summer CSA runs June 12th - Sept. 11th. The early season will include lettuces, leafy greens, peas, radishes, berries, garlic scapes and culinary herbs. As the weather heats up, you will enjoy cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, green beans, fennel, carrots, zucchini and more!

Large - Seattle - whole season $637.00 Price:
Large - Skagit - whole season $490.00 Price:
Small - Seattle - whole season $364.00 Price:
Large - Seattle - whole season $280.00 Price:
Delivery frequency
: Weekly

There are 25 independent farm businesses operating as part of our incubator farm program in 2019. Each farm has a unique business model and focuses on different crops, depending on the farmers' experience and interests. Throughout the season, we will include product from many, if not all of the farms.

Traditionally, the CSA model invites customers to share with the farmers both the bounty and the risk of small-scale sustainable agriculture. By purchasing a Viva CSA share, you are directly supporting beginning farmers to build successful farm businesses. Your commitment to Viva's CSA in turn enables Viva to commit to the farmers. We work directly with them to choose product varieties that will provide you with an abundant weekly box, and fit their skills and business goals. We then determine the quantities necessary for each product, giving us the confidence to plan the boxes throughout the season, and giving farmers confidence in the business they will generate from CSA sales. As such, your commitment to our program is essential to the viability of this model.

Of course, weather and other unforeseen factors can affect how well a crop produces during any particular season; and conditions that produce a bumper crop of one item may cause a shortage of another. Therefore, we work to have many different product options throughout the season in the case of crop failure of any one variety.

On rare occasions, we will source product for our CSA from other local organic farms, if Viva incubator participants do not have the quantity or variety needed. In this event, we always look first to other beginning farmers in the area, many of whom have participated in our workshops and events and who we consider part of our community. Regardless, you can be certain that every week you are receiving fresh, locally-grown, certified organic produce, and supporting farmers and your local food system.

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